24 Standard Spa Cover Features

1. 11 Dynamic Colors

Why settle for something boring when you can choose from our collection of 18 dynamic spa cover colors to fit your style—at no extra charge, OR upgrade to one of our 5 Weathershield fabrics!

2. Safety Standards — ASTM & UL Classified

Proline was the first spa cover manufacturer to offer an ASTM safety certified cover. In 1993, the product was tested, and found to be compliant with ASTM safety standards. In 1994, Proline received both the UL and ASTM safety certifications for all models and sizes.

Classification marks are proudly displayed on all of our hot tub covers, giving you confidence and peace of mind that your investment meets quality and safety standards—something not all dealers can say.


3. Top of the Line Warranty — 3 Years, Never Prorated

After Taking Delivery of Your Spa Cover:
Once your cover arrives, take a minute to look it over carefully for signs of freight damage. If the exterior packaging is damaged in any way, send it back with the carrier. Be sure to make a note about damage on the Bill of Lading.

If you accept the package, open it up and inspect your hot tub cover for defects in materials or craftsmanship. If you see a problem, take a picture with your phone for fast processing. All claims should be processed immediately.

Need help? Please feel free to give us a call at 801.554.7723. We’re happy to help, and can be reached anytime between 9am and 5:00pm Mon- Fri (PST). Our experts can identify the problem, so you can get it resolved quickly and efficiently. If we discover an issue with your spa cover that’s not covered by warranty, we’ll recommend the best solution.

Wear and Tear—What’s Normal?
A quality spa cover is an important investment for protecting the look and feel of your hot tub. But, even the best covers show signs of wear and tear over time. Chemical use and water temperature may cause slight changes in the color and texture of the vinyl. This is nothing to be concerned about and it doesn’t impact how your cover functions. The good news? Proper maintenance can help your spa cover age gracefully, without premature deterioration. Here are a few smart tips:

  • Follow all manufacturer instructions for maintaining your spa cover.
  • Never walk, sit, crawl, jump or place objects on your cover. Excess weight may damage the foam core, which is not typically covered by warranty after installation. Caution: the vinyl can also be damaged or “burned” by improper sanitizer use, also not covered by warranty.
  • Plastic is never an acceptable alternative to a quality spa cover. If you remove the foam cores from the vinyl encasement of your cover, don’t expose them to direct sunlight.

Exclusions—What’s Not Covered?
Warranty protection is not available for spa covers that are used incorrectly or in a way that goes against what Preferred Spa Covers recommends, or through conditions resulting from:

  • Damage or defects in parts or components that are not part of the spa cover.
  • Failure to provide appropriate and timely maintenance.
  • Improper use, accidents, acts of God, negligence and alterations or repairs made to the cover by other than authorized by Preferred Spa Covers.
  • Fading and natural discoloration/ minimal depreciation.

Note: the spa cover warranty extends only to the original purchaser and terminates upon transfer to another. No additional warranty coverage is available, expect when provided by Preferred Spa Covers.

Rights & Remedies—What You Should know

  • Preferred Spa Covers shall not be held liable for damages or costs incurred as a result of any breach to the above expressed warranties.
  • Specific rights are given to you under this warranty. Rights vary from state to state.
  • Should a warranty dispute arise between the “buyer” and Preferred Spa Covers, resolution may be achieved in California according to the rule of the American Arbitration Association (at the option of the buyer).

4. Quality Vinyl—Marine Grade

What ensures a durable, long lasting spa cover? The quality of the vinyl. Our covers are built using only the best—marine grade virgin vinyl, characterized by rugged, polyester fabric reinforcements and mildew and UV inhibitors. Where less expensive, cheaper vinyl will shrink and fail at stress points, our covers will continue to provide longevity and year round beauty.

What Makes Virgin Marine Grade Vinyl the Better Choice?

  • Polyester Fabric Reinforcement
  • UV Inhibitors
  • Ultra Violet Stabilized Pigments
  • 1500 Hours of UV Testing
  • Mildew & Fungus Inhibitors
  • Cold Cracking Freeze Resistant (to -20 degrees F)
  • Clean Easily with Soap & Water
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5. Full Length Heat Seal Gasket—Reduce Heat Loss, Save Money

Heat loss is one of the biggest issues with spa covers. Our covers rely on a revolutionary insulating gasket seal to prevent heat loss where the two cover halves fold together. Shut the cover and it seals automatically resulting in long-term energy savings. Savings can be realized in less than 12 months!


6. Tapered Foam Cores—Light & Energy Efficient

By tapering our spa cover foam cores from 4” to 2.5”, we enable strength, energy efficiency and quick water runoff. Our 5” to 3” tapered cores stand up even better to normal wear and tear or heavy snow loads.


7. Antaeus 2000 Vapor Seal

Each cover includes a foam core wrapped in single layer 4m polyethylene plastic, preventing it from becoming heavy due to water absorption. While it’s possible to use less expensive, off the shelf plastic wrap, heat and steam will break it down. We rely on Antaeus 2000 wrap—specially formulated to reduce moisture absorption, keeping your spa cover lighter for longer. Of course, you can also upgrade to double wrapped cores for even more protection.


8. Spa Cover Foam Cores—Strong & Energy Efficient

1.5lb Dura Foam
By using 1.5lb Virgin Dura Foam Core, we ensure strength and resilience in a superior spa cover that won’t let you down. Rather than re-grind foam or use smaller, weaker cores (1.0 or 1.2lb) like many of our competitors, we insist on using virgin foam in 1.5lb cores for a reliable, resilient spa cover.

Our Dura Foam Cores are:

  • Light weight, but strong and easy to handle.
  • Durable with 1.5lb standard core density (R value 15.0).

9. Galvanized, Reinforcing Channel—Unmatched Support

A 20 gauge, galvanized steel, “C” shaped channel offers strong, superior support across the center of the hot tub cover. This extra support to the core reduces premature cracking where extra weight from snow, ice, or even the family pet can occur.


10. Impulse Heat Sealed—A Superior Seal Every Time

To prevent moisture absorption, every one of our spa covers is heat-sealed using state-of-the-art equipment. Cores are heated with Antaeus 2000™ (scientifically formulated plastic developed to inhibit moisture absorption). Rather than rely on the traditional 3m plastic, our spa covers use 4m, specially formulated to reduce vapor transmission, while delivering the same strength, flexibility, transparency and seal-ability our strict quality control standards require. Equally important is our perfect heat seal seam. Using an 8” long impulse sealer ensures perfect seam through a combination of temperature, pressure and timing. The result? Your hot tub cover produces the very best seal possible—every time.

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11. Perfect Fit & Finish

We’ll let this customer testimonial tell the story for us:

“I worked in the industrial sewing business for nearly 40 years. For the last 8, I’ve been selling industrial Spa Safety Clips. As part of my job, I contacted spa cover manufactures all over the country. Yet nothing was as professional as the spa cover I just received. The craftsmanship was superior, and even the packaging was robust as it made it’s way to my home in Washington State. I highly recommend Preferred Spa Covers to anyone looking for a high quality hot tub cover”.


12. Superior Vinyl Hinges—Tough and Durable

With 4 layers of vinyl, our spa cover hinges are incredibly durable and sturdy. High stress areas are protected, reducing wear and tear to hinges. When put to the test using a robotic arm, our hinges proved their worth, with no wear to the hinge even after 6,000 cover lifts!


13. Padded, Reinforced Handles—Comfort & Strength

Our hot tub cover handles are reinforced with five internal layers for exceptional strength. Plus, we’ve added foam padding for even more durability and superior comfort. They’re easy to access too, located near the center of each end, and on both sides of one panel.


14. 28 Points of Internal Reinforcement

We identified 28 unique hot tub cover stress points—all reinforced with 4 layers of vinyl. We prioritize hinges, handles, straps, corners and skirts, ensuring additional strength in critical areas.


15. Flat Edge Seam—Most Effective Water Run Off

You might think that a snazzy, raised seam on your spa cover looks nice, but does it really deliver the performance you need? Our spa covers prioritize performance, with smooth edges that allow water to run off easily, rather than collect and pool, which can destroy your seam over time.


16. Reinforced Stitching

A strong, robust stitch is the defining characteristic of quality craftsmanship. At Preferred Spa Covers, we’re proud to offer hot tub covers manufactured using cotton-wound, polyester thread with UV and mold inhibitors. And, each cover uses locking backstitching, for a sturdy, tight stitch.

17. Tie Down Straps—Unmatched Durability

The right tie down straps make a huge difference in how easy—or how complicated—it is to keep your spa cover in place. We offer 8” triple-reinforced straps, making it easy to secure your cover to your spa cabinet at each corner. Strap locations can also be adjusted, just give us a call and we’ll make sure you get the exact location you want. Remember, there’s a difference between cheap nylon straps and the durable, vinyl reinforced straps we offer. With unmatched durability and flexibility, our straps are strong enough to keep your cover in place during most windstorms. Living in extreme wind? Consider an additional set of “Wind Straps.” Contact us for more information.

18. Locking Safety Clips

For our cold weather friends, we feature center-release fasteners on our spa cover straps, ideally suited for cold climates. Super user friendly, straps open with a simple push of a button—the perfect solution for folks with limited strength or dexterity. They also include a lock and key for added safety.

19. Protective Skirt—Keep Heat in & Dirt Out

Direct sunlight can do a number on the outer lip of an acrylic spa. That’s why we use a standard 4.5” skirt, double stitched into each spa cover. In addition to adding strength, protective skirts provide extra defense against dirt and sun, while keeping heat in. A protective skirt can protect your hot tub shell from direct sunlight, preventing blistering of the outer lip. Need a custom length? No problem. Skirt lengths can easily be adjusted to suit your needs. Call for details.

20. Double Laminate Poly Bottom—Mildew & Cold Resistant

The bottom of your spa cover is important too. We use mildew resistant, 11oz, double laminate vinyl with polyester reinforcing scrim. Sounds complicated, but basically it means your cover is not only tough and resilient, but resists cold cracking down to -40 degrees! The material is tough, and combined with virgin-vinyl at every point that needs internal reinforcement. That means it’s hardy enough to withstand normal spa use, but light enough so it won’t impact the weight of your spa cover.

21. Drainage Grommets—2, not 1

The best spa covers are water resistant—but none are waterproof. Heavy rains can lead to unexpected water on the inside of your cover. Luckily, extra drainage helps. Our spa covers include 2 full size drainage grommets, not 1 like most covers.

22. #7 Polyester Zipper—The Industry’s Best

Why settle for less than the best? Our spa cover zippers are manufactured using a true YKK #7 heavy-duty, corrosion resistant, nylon zipper. The industry’s best zipper, they’re not likely to wear out or pull out with use.

23. Hidden Zipper Pull—Even More Protection

We’ve made it easy to protect your spa cover zippers from abuse. Each zipper pull is neatly tucked away into its own pocket, creating a finished appearance. That’s the fit and finish of a Sunstar cover. For over 30 years, they’ve been making the best spa covers in the industry. We pay attention to the smallest details, so you don’t have to.

24. Full Length Zipper Protection

Zippers need protection too! Our spa covers include a vinyl protective flap along the entire length of the zipper, keeping dirt and debris out. Not only do they open and close smoothly, but the internal vinyl flap also keeps moisture at bay, ensuring foam cores stay lighter for longer.