What About a 5-Year Warranty, Does it Provide More Protection?

With most large investments, consumers are often offered warranty extensions—additional coverage that lasts longer than the traditional industry standard. Is a 5-Year spa cover warranty better than our 3-Year version?

We took a closer look at the average 5-Year Spa Warranty, and here’s what we found. As it turns out, 5-year coverage doesn’t offer anything above and beyond the basic 3-Year Warranty. It does, however, exclude far more. If you’re in the market for warranty coverage, here are a few things to consider.

What’s really covered with the 5-year warranty

The average 5-year spa cover warranty generally includes:

  1. Shipping and freight charges for a new cover, or additional parts for the first 12 months of ownership.
  2. Any defects in material and workmanship 60 months from the date of delivery. (This generally doesn’t include covers with 1-pound density cores.)
  3. Damage from water absorption within the foam core—the leading cause of cover failure.

What’s not typically covered with the 5-year warranty

The average 5-year warranty generally does not include:

  1. Natural fading and drying of vinyl and thread, the result of normal environmental and chemical exposure.
  2. Damage caused by weather from excessive wind, snow, ice, or other natural or environmental elements.
  3. Damage the result of chemical abuse. This includes improper chemical balance in the water, using too much chemical, or direct contact between chemicals and cover material (for example, using Armor All® Protectant).
  4. Holes or fractures in the vinyl encasement or the foam cores (often caused by dragging the cover along the ground, leaning or storing it improperly.)
  5. Broken foam or torn vinyl encasement.
  6. Split seams as the result of improper handling of the cover.
  7. Torn handles, the result of excessive force. (Handles are for the sole purpose of opening and closing spa covers and are NOT intended to be used to carry or remove cover to and from the spa/hot tub.)
  8. Damage the result of improperly using the cover for something other than which it was designed.
    Spa covers are not intended to be walked on, stood on, sat on, or made to endure excessive stress or weight.
  9. Wear and tear caused by other attached mechanisms including, but not limited to, cover lift mechanisms. This also includes damage caused from improperly installing cover lift mechanisms.
  10. Damage caused during transportation.
  11. Damage from repairs and/or modifications made to the spa by anyone not authorized by the manufacturer.
  12. Consequential damages (for example, abrasions and/or scuffs).
  13. Damage caused by chemical excess and/or abuse.
  14. Damage from abuse of any kind.
  15. Damage from negligence or misuse.
  16. Fire damage.
  17. Damage resulting from vandalism.
  18. Damage caused by animals.
  19. Acts of God.

The Bottom Line

Wow! That’s an awful lot of unfortunate situations not under warranty. Chances are, if you find yourself needing to file a claim in year 4 or 5 of ownership, your specific issue will look a lot like one of the exclusions above.