Top of the Line Protection for Your Spa Cover— The Easy Spa Parts 3-Year Warranty

The following information pertains to warranty protection provided for your Spa Cover. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with your rights and responsibilities and, how to maximize care and maintenance of your spa cover for the best long-term value.

Non-Pro-Rated Warranty. If within 3 years from date of delivery, your spa cover is found to be unusable due to damage or defects from material or workmanship error, your cover will be repaired or replaced (manufacturer choice) at no cost to the original owner.

Note: Easy Spa Parts is happy to pay all warranty replacement freight charges that occur in the first year of ownership. After year one, customers are responsible for all necessary freight and shipping fees.

After Taking Delivery of Your Spa Cover

When your spa cover arrives, look it over carefully for damage that may have occurred (to the cover itself or the box it shipped in). If you notice severe damage, do not accept the package. But, if damage is minor, note it on the driver’s Bill of Lading, which alerts the manufacturer of a potential problem.

Once accepting the package, open the box and inspect your cover carefully. Look for obvious defects in materials or workmanship. While damage is rare, if your cover isn’t perfect, file a claim immediately. We’ve found that email works best—be sure to attach clear pictures to your email to expedite your claim. Of course, if you have any problems or questions during this process, please feel free to give us a call. We are available Monday through Friday, 8am until 5:30 pm PST. If your problem isn’t covered by warranty, we’ll recommend next steps so you can resolve the issue quickly and conveniently.

Minimizing Damage & Recognizing Normal Wear & Tear

While some wear and tear to your cover is normal and expected over time, there are steps you can take to minimize damage, ensuring spa cover ages gracefully, and doesn’t deteriorate prematurely.

How to Minimize Damage.

  1. Adhere to all maintenance instructions and tips.
  2. Never walk, sit, crawl, jump or place heavy objects on your cover. Doing so may break the core foams within, causing water absorption and making the cover extremely heavy.
  3. Always use sanitizer as directed. Improper use of water sanitizer can “burn” and damage the vinyl (not covered by warranty).
  4. Don’t expose foam cores to direct sunlight. If you must remove the foam cores from the vinyl encasement, protect them from ultraviolet rays. And, never use plastic to cover your spa cover.

Normal Wear & Tear.

  1. Expect to see the vinyl underside of your cover change color. In some cases, it may darken, and in other cases, it may lighten a few shades.
  2. You may notice a slight change in texture, creating a bumpy underside.

Neither of these changes negatively impact the function of your cover, but are a natural response to chemical use and heated water.

Warranty Exclusions

Please note that this warranty does not cover damage that results from using the cover in any way that’s different from how it is intended to be used, described in printed instruction or product literature provided by Easy Spa Parts.

Damage is not covered when it results from:

  1. Defects in components or parts that are not part of the Spa Cover.
  2. Maintenance neglect, or not providing reasonable and necessary care.
  3. Misuse, accidents, acts of God, or modifications/repairs other than those authorized by Easy Spa Parts.
  4. Fading and minor deterioration determined to be normal wear and tear.

Warranty coverage extends only to the original purchaser of the Spa Cover and ends when and if ownership transfers to another. Unless an exception is given by Easy Spa Parts, no additional warranty will be provided, expressed or implied, oral or statutory.

Rights and Remedies

  1. Easy Spa Parts is not liable for damage or expenses from failure to follow the above expressed warranties.
  2. This Warranty provides specific rights that may vary state to state.
  3. As a buyer, you have the right to resolve warranty disagreements between you and Easy Spa Parts in the state of California according to the rule of the American Arbitration Association.