Amore or Sarena Cover


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  • Dimension One Bay Series Spa

    If you own an Amore or Sarena Bay Spa from Dimension One you know its unique design sets it apart from every other hot tubs. Since there are no straight lines anywhere on these extra-large covers, the manufacturing process and pricing are different too.

    • 5 - 3" Tapered Cover
    • 2.0 lb Density Cores
    • 4 Vinyl Handles
    • 6 Wind-Tough Straps
    • Full Length Heat Seal
    • Extra Drainage Grommets
    • Strength Rating 465
    • Insulating R value 21
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  • These Upgrades Make a Great Cover Even Better

  • Is your cover so heavy you can barely open it? Get double protection with double wrapped cores and reduce the chance of water absorption. Our double wrap, double seal coverage means the internal Styrofoam cores stays lighter, longer. And since soggy cores reduce the insulating quality of your cover, this feature helps save money too.

  • Select Your Skirt & Strap Length

  • Long enough to cover the spa shell, keeps heat in and dirt out.Skirt Length
  • Triple reinforced straps secure the cover to the spa cabinet on all corners.Strap Length