Matching the Corner Radius with our “Easy” Templates!

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

Step by Step:


This is the radius of a spa corner and the final dimension we need to complete our order. We’ve made our template method of measuring your spa cover’s radius accurate and easy!


Starting where the straight edge of your spa cover begins to curve, lay two measuring devices at 90° right angles like you see in the picture. Your estimated radius is the number where both measuring devices cross.


Now, go back to the “Measuring Instructions” button and select the template that most closely matches to your measurement.*

Templates from 2” to 9” can easily fit on a printed piece of paper. Luckily, most corners fit in that range. For larger corners from 10” to 16”, call us and we’ll mail you a template at no charge.

* Occasionally, some radii are fractional increments (like 8.5”) so if this is your case, go back and try the “Tracing System” button option instead.


Select your closest match and print it out.


Next, cut the template out and lay it on the best corner of your spa. If it is a match you are almost done! If it does not match, try again with another template.

If you still can’t find a good match, try the “Tracing Instructions” instead.


When you find a good match return to the order form and fill in the radius number to complete your order!