Measuring Your Spa Cover

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

Step by Step:


Start by measuring the hinge length from end to end of your cover. Lay a tape measure next to, but not on, the entire length of the hinge. Make a note of it. The spa in our example has an 84” hinge length.

Since the vinyl skin can shrink over time, add ½” to your dimension. (To prevent a fit that’s too small – i.e., 84 ½”)


To correctly measure the width of your spa cover, push both halves of the cover together so there is no gap at the hinge crease.

Your spa cover should look like the photo below, with no air gap between the two halves when you measure.


Step around to the center of the cover (so the hinge crease is now perpendicular to the measuring tape). Measure the distance from the front of the cover to the back and make a note of the distance. Our spa has a 76” width.

Since the vinyl skin can shrink over time, add ½” to your dimension to prevent a fit that’s too small – (i.e., 76 ½”).


Next we determine the radius of a corner so the cover fits properly all the way around, including the corner curves. Click on the “Measuring Instructions” button (as shown below.)


There are two options available to measure the spa cover’s radius correctly. Review the “Matching” and “Tracing” options. Select your preferred method of determining your corner radius and enter the result in the order form.

Matching the Corner Radius

Tracing the Corner Radius