Tracing the Corner Radius

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

Step by Step:

This is the radius of a spa corner (photo at right). It is the final dimension we need to complete our order. Our tracing method is accurate, EASY, and accommodates all sizes and corner shapes!


Our “EASY” Tracing option requires cardboard (large enough to cover the entire corner with room to spare), permanent marker, piece of parchment, wax or freezer paper (or tape some white paper sheets together). First, tape the paper onto the cardboard.


Next, find the best corner of your spa (Photo A) free of damage, dents or dings. Tape the cardboard down so it covers at least the entire curve. (Photo B)


Kneel down underneath the cardboard overhang and, using a marker, draw a line around the corner curve of the cover. Be sure the line is clean and easy to see. Sloppy or incomplete lines may require another template.


Next, write clearly and legibly your name, phone number, email (optional), the hinge length and cross dimension of your spa cover. (ex: 84 1/2” hinge x 76 1/2”). Carefully remove the paper from the cardboard.


Fold it, put it into a large manila envelope and mail to us. We’ll call you when it arrives to complete your order.