How to Prolong the Life of Your Spa Cover

A quality spa cover can easily last 5 or 6 years under the right conditions. Monthly care and maintenance, including a good wash and protection can extend your cover, keeping the outer skin looking new. Of course, an E-Z Lifter is another smart way to prolong the life of your spa cover by preventing handling damage.

Step 1:

Remove any dust or dirt from your cover

Step 2:

Use a mild liquid detergent to wash your cover using a sponge or soft brush as needed

Step 3:

Repeat rinse

Step 4:

Use a soft, clean towel to dry your cover.

Step 5:

Apply 303 Protectant to extend the life of your cover. You can purchase this product from Easy Spa Parts or most auto parts stores.

Step 6:

Need proof? Take a look at this cover—it’s over a year old and still looks new!