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Basic Protection for Mild Conditions

4 – 2 1/2″ Tapered Cover
1.5 lb Density Cores
2 Vinyl Handles
4 Wind Tough Straps

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Thicker – Stronger – Better Insulated

5 – 3″ Tapered Cover
1.5 lb Density Cores
2 Vinyl Handles
4 Wind Tough Straps
Extra Grommets



For The Heaviest Winter Conditions

5 – 3″ Tapered Cover
2.0 lb Density Cores
Full Length Heat Seal
2 Vinyl Handles
4 Wind Tough Straps
Extra Grommets


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Hot Tub Covers: Why Quality Matters

More than likely, you took some time to choose the perfect hot tub—and for good reason. The right spa can deliver years of improved health, relaxation and family fun. Like most spa enthusiasts, now that you’ve purchased a top of the line hot tub, you’re probably looking into a spa cover. What should you look for in a quality hot tub cover? As long as it covers the spa, that’s all you need, right?
Not exactly. In fact, a premium hot tub cover does more than simply keep dirt and debris away from your investment. The right cover ensures your spa water stays clean and ready to use, but it can also save you significant time and money. Here’s some important information about spa covers, along with a few tips on how to choose the perfect cover to fit your lifestyle and your needs.

What a Quality Hot Tub Cover Should Do

Insulate: Keep the Heat In & the Cold Out

One of the defining features of a fantastic spa is high temperature. Hot water is invigorating—the key to relieving muscle and joint pain and relaxing the body. But, the longer it takes for your water to reach the ideal soaking temperature, the more time and money you waste. Here’s where the right spa cover is invaluable.
A tight, properly fitting hot tub cover makes it tough for heat to escape your hot tub, even when it’s not in use. While some heat will always leak, proper insulation is the first line of defense. And, the more insulation you provide with a quality hot tub cover, the less energy you’ll use bringing it back to that hot, soothing temperature.

Live in a cold climate? A premium hot tub cover is even more important. An at home spa is a year round investment; a relaxing soak in the winter months should be just as enjoyable as a soak in the spring. Insulate your spa with a superior cover equipped with the right features and you’ll reach your desired temperature faster and stay hot longer. This translates into immediate cost savings from reduced electricity use.

Remember, don’t let price guide your decision when looking for the right hot tub cover. Quality trumps price every time. And, while some of the best hot tub covers are also affordable, any extra you pay upfront will quickly be realized in energy savings. When equipped with a premium, properly fitting spa cover, your hot tub uses less energy to heat and run, keeping more money in your pocket where it belongs. An insulating spa cover is not just a smart investment in the health of your personal hot tub, it’s a solid financial investment that builds long term savings, year after year.

Cleanliness: Keep Dirt & Debris Out

Crystal clear, sparkling spa water is a top priority for hot tub enthusiasts, and a must-have if you use your spa regularly. While water maintenance (balancing & sanitizing) is part of it, you also need to take proactive steps to keep your water free of dirt, debris and anything else that finds it way into your filtration system. Depending on where your hot tub is located, this means using a spa cover to prevent falling leaves, loose tree branches and any number of items picked up by the wind from getting into your spa.
Chances are you purchased your hot tub for relaxation. A proper fitting spa cover is the easiest way to ensure healthy, clear water between uses, so you can spend more time soaking, and less time cleaning. As a bonus, clean water also requires less filtration, which means your equipment lasts longer, and your water can stay in your spa longer before it’s time to drain and refill.

Safety: Peace of Mind with a Durable Spa Cover

Spa owners looking to take safety precautions know the importance of investing in a strong, durable hot tub cover. Modern hot tub covers can be equipped with important safety features, like locking mechanisms that prevent uninvited guests from gaining access to the water. With safety and security in mind, a quality spa cover is a must have. For parents, a locking spa cover offers peace of mind that the kids (or their friends) will never have an accident, pets and other animals will never fall into the water and no one will use the spa without proper supervision.

How to Choose the Best Spa Cover For Your Needs

Now that you know why you need a quality, dependable hot tub cover, it’s time to think about how to find one. The good news is, there are countless spa covers available, and many different styles to choose from. So, how do you recognize a premium spa cover over one that’s not quite the right choice? Here are 5 critical things to consider for when choosing a cover for your spa.

  1. Durable, vinyl construction.
  2. UV inhibitors to prevent hot tub covers from fading.
  3. Triple stitching for strength and durability at seams, straps and handles.
  4. High-density core to withstand heavy loads.
  5. Reinforced hinges to prevent heat leak.

How do you know if it’s time to replace an older, worn cover?

While you’d probably notice immediately if your spa no longer worked properly, recognizing when a spa cover needs to be replaced isn’t quite so obvious. Luckily, there are a few things you can look for to evaluate the performance of your hot tub cover.

Is your spa cover tough to open? This is typically the first thing people notice when a cover starts to wear out. Hinges that fold the spa cover in half often become worn or stiff, creating a tough, rigid cover that needs an extra set of hands to lift. In other cases, an older hot tub cover can become saturated with moisture, making it extremely heavy to lift.

Over time, mold, mildew and tears in the vinyl of an existing spa cover can reduce effectiveness.  Consistent maintenance can prevent much of these issues from becoming serious, but nothing can stop the hands of time. Even with constant care, time will damage the finest portable spa cover. In addition to regular maintenance, why not consider a hot tub cover lifter? This one single accessory can make lifting the cover off the spa simple and convenient—a task that even the youngest member of your family can do with ease.

Finally, a new hot tub cover isn’t always about performance. Maybe you’ve changed your outdoor décor. A new spa cover can add fantastic aesthetic appeal, tying the entire design together for a complete, finished look. After all, a gorgeous hot tub is easily the focal point of any outdoor entertainment space, and we’re happy to help.

Spa Covers For Sale

At Preferred Spa Covers, we’re proud to showcase Core replacement spa covers. Pioneers in spa cover manufacturing, Core has earned a reputation in the industry for unmatched quality and craftsmanship.  Plus, they offer a wide range of templates to outfit many of the largest hot tub manufacturers—important if you’re unsure how to measure your spa for your replacement hot tub cover. At Preferred Spa Covers, we feature parts and hot tub covers for Dimension One Spas, and we guarantee an exact fit with the highest quality and attention to detail.

Take a minute to visit our webpage on Spa Covers. You’ll find a wide selection of informative videos to help you find the best portable spa cover for your hot tub and climate. And, with our knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions or help you place your order by phone, you’ll find it’s easier than ever to choose the perfect spa cover. Our goal is simple: to make finding and ordering the single best replacement spa cover as “easy” as possible.

Standard Spa Cover Features—What to Expect

Buy a new spa cover or replacement spa cover from Preferred Spa Covers and you get a quality product you can depend on. Standard features included on most of our spa covers include:

  • Full length heat seal
  • 2 handles for easy movement
  • Extra drainage grommets to reduce water pooling inside the “vinyl skin”

Plus, our select hinge protector upgrade helps extend the life of your spa cover fold, which can wear out with age. If your spa is located in a climate where ice and melting snow may come in contact with your spa cover during the winter, this is an absolute must!
But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one of our satisfied customers has to say about these dependable spa covers:

“I’m super impressed with my new hot tub cover—particularly the quality. It was well worth the wait!! My hot tub technician knows quality, and even he is impressed. He said, he’ll be telling his other clients too”

At Preferred Spa Covers, we’re hot tub enthusiasts too, and we’re obsessed with quality. Sure, it might be possible to find a “cheaper”, less expensive product, but is it worth it? Not to us. We’re convinced that offering the best products available is a smart strategy for keeping our reputation high and our customers satisfied.

And, we’re happy to stand behind the workmanship provided by a Sunstar spa cover with a comprehensive 3-year warranty. Think a 5-year warranty from another provider is better? Look into the details, and you’ll quickly see the difference.

Recycling Ideas—How to Re-use an Old Spa Cover

Did you know that you can re-use your old spa cover’s parts? If you’re replacing an older, worn hot tub cover, consider this: vinyl from an old hot tub cover can be used to protect patio grills or outdoor furniture. Even the metal frame that contributed to your spa cover can be recycled. Use pieces of the metal as stakes in the garden for tomato or pepper plants. And the foam? Use it for small insulation projects around the house or in the garage!
Whether you need a replacement spa cover or a stunning new hot tub cover, trust Preferred Spa Covers. We deliver satisfaction with the best warranty protection, reliable craftsmanship and friendly expertise. We’re here to exceed your expectations—one spa cover at a time. Call today to start a conversation!